Tropicana Juice Bar: The Best Smoothie on Earth

Image of the front of Tropicana Juice Bar

The streets of Melbourne were more populated than usual on a balmy early March Labour Day. Open businesses were a hit and miss. Fortunately for Dale and I, our usual “Melbourne Monday” haunt, Shortstop Donuts, was open for the holiday. We were in the market for a mid-afternoon snack after our Boston Cream donuts started to wear off. I remembered reading about Tropicana Juice Bar so we set off to look for the small shop with dozens of oranges hanging in bags out front, hoping they would be open.

We were so grateful they were open. The Tropicana Juice Bar’s bright orange décor is hard to miss amid an otherwise neutral setting. We squeezed our way into the narrow seating area and took a seat on the bar stools to gaze at the extensive menu of juices and smoothies. Several tropical ones caught my eye, but I knew that Dale’s first choice was never going to be coconut or mango anything. Luckily the menu really is quite large so we settled on a berry smoothie.

Image of inside Tropicana Juice Bar

But then we noticed a large amount of sign real estate dedicated to the “South American Delight – The Best Juice on Earth, Money Back Guarantee – Top Secret”. With such a claim, we were intrigued. We opted for the $7 large smoothie version and took a seat outside to enjoy the best smoothie on earth.

Image of Tropicana Juice Bar Menu

The pink-colored smoothie was served in an unassuming white paper cup. The texture was creamy; not icy and it tasted sweet, but not overly sweet. It had a hint of banana and berry, possibly strawberry, with a touch of lemon among other fruity flavors. The large size was perfect for the two of us to share. Although there is a promise of a money-back guarantee should the “best smoothie on earth” fail to meet your expectations, it was far from necessary. I am at a loss to think of a time when a better smoothie touched my lips.

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