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It is a very odd thing to leave home. I’ve left home before but I’ve never lived more than ten miles away from my family. All of the houses I’ve ever lived in are no more than a fifteen minute drive from each other either. So of course my first big move at 25 won’t be off to college in a neighboring city or state, it won’t be a job transfer to the other side of the country, no… No, I’ve chosen to fly the nest and land in a country located in a different hemisphere no less than 8,000 miles away.

I’ll be leaving everything I’ve ever known to be home. I will no longer be surrounded by the same faces, accents, food, nor landmarks. Hell, even Christmas will be in the dead of summer. I’ll be wearing shorts while everyone I know back home will be bundled up against the cold, trying to fight the snow storms and sheer bitter cold when shopping for the holidays.

But it will be worth it. I’m not scared to be in Australia, I’m just overwhelmed with leaving home. Honestly, a change of scenery will be quite refreshing. As much as I love Idaho (and boy, do I), I don’t feel it’s where I should be. My city has felt stagnate for some time now and I just need to get out and experience everything life has in store for me. I’ve never been one for tradition and settling down. I’ve tried it and was absolutely miserable. Moving to Australia is the right choice for me. I just happen to have the added bonus of moving to be with my soul mate.

That being said, I have about 24 days until I leave. My work and holiday visa has been approved, my plane ticket will be purchased soon. All that’s left to do is pack up my entire life and savor these 24 days as much as possible because life, as I know it, will never be the same again.

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